Always got the duke watching over me as I work #johnwayne #cowboy #western #classic #studio

Once you have a good spray paint collection started, the tendency is to take it as far as you can go. #studio #spraypaint

Oh man, I thought I ditched these stencils. Who wants a carnival of carnage shirt? #icp #juggalolove #woopwoop

#chicago #graffiti #chigram #southside #contemporary #art

I’ve tried to figure out what to do on top of the Gray and white spray paint base of this painting for three years now. Finally settled on some collage, keeping it simple and calling it good

I’ll lose my mind if I work on this anymore. It’s done!

Oh man it’s almost done!

Don’t often deal with weather conditions in my work, but sometimes it’s just gotta snow in August

I was looking for this shot of the old barn to work from… found it!

Studio Sessions interview with Stacy Scibelli

Studio Sessions interview with Stacy Scibelli

My interview with New York-based fabric artist Stacy Scibelli is now live on Big Red & Shiny, listen by following the link below.

Listen to Studio Sessions: Stacy Scibelli on Big Red & Shiny

About Stacy: Stacy earned her BFA as the Massachusetts College of Art in 2004, and her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2009. Working in fabrics, Stacy’s work often involves creating unique articles…

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